5th Kültepe International Meeting

July 30 to August 2, 2022

Materials, crafts and natural environment at Kültepe and surroundings

The data obtained during 70 years of archaeological excavations have been presented and discussed at various meetings and conferences. The major aim of the Kültepe International Meeting (KIM) series, which was held for the first time in summer 2013 and takes place every two years, is to generate synergizing interactions among researchers studying the site of Kültepe or the ancient city of Kaneš, and thus to bring together archaeologists and philologists in the scope of multidisciplinary studies, in order to present and discuss their work.

The fifth Kültepe International Meeting (KIM) will take place in July 30 – August 2, 2022. It will gather the archaeologists and experts collaborating with Kültepe excavations and the philologists and historians who are working on specific archives. This meeting will be organized in two sessions:

  1. Work in progress: Within this session, we invite colleagues to present the state of progress of their work: the philologists on the archives they are studying or about any ongoing research based on the Kültepe tablets, the archaeologists and others as well on their current researches linked to Kültepe. This session will naturally involve all the sub-disciplines of archaeology and archaeometry, as for example, geology and paleobotany.
  2. “Materials, crafts and the natural environment at Kültepe and surroundings: The natural environment of Kültepe has been the topic of some of the articles published in the first KIM volumes. We would like to deepen this line of research by trying to connect all aspects of this natural environment, the materials it offers, the religious beliefs it might have created etc. with the sphere of craftmanship in all its many facets. And of course we also want to encourage participants to widen these questions to all possible connecting factors as we find them in the rich material of the Old Assyrian cuneiform documentation.
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