Kültepe at the Crossroads between Disciplines

Fikri Kulakoğlu, Cécile Michel (eds) 

Kültepe International Meetings 5, SUBARTU LI
Brepols, 2024, 312 p.


This fifth volume of a collection devoted to the interdisciplinary meetings held one every two years at Kültepe, ancient Kaneš, brings together eighteen contributions dedicated to the archaeology and history of this Central Anatolian site and its surroundings. Each chapter within the volume presents the results of current research into Kültepe, thus continuing the holistic approach first demonstrated in earlier volumes of the Kültepe International Meetings sub-series of revitalizing one of the most important cultural centres of early Anatolia and of emphasising its importance as a pilot site for interdisciplinary studies. Drawing on Kültepe’s unique textual and archaeological data, the studies gathered here are organized into four key thematic sections devoted respectively to politics, law and religion; women, family and correspondence; human and animal skeletons; and to the most recent archaeological excavations in Kültepe covering a period from the Chalcolithic to Hellenistic times.

List of Illustrations

1. Kültepe at the Crossroads between Disciplines
Cécile Michel

Politics, Law and Religion

2A City-State’s Diplomacy in the Early Middle Bronze Age Near East
Jan Gerrit Dercksen & Jacob Jan de Ridder

3. Law and Justice in Kaneš and its Depiction on Cylinder Seals: A New Interpretation of the Motifs ‘Ball-Staff’ and ‘Pot’
Adelheid Otto

4. The Origins and History of the God Šarra-mātān
Yoram Cohen

5. The Cult of Aškašepa in Hittite Sources
Amir Gilan

Women, Family and Correspondence

6. Keeping in Touch: Language and Mobility of Assyrian Women in the Old Assyrian Period
Anita Fattori

7. The Hand of a Woman?
Wiebke Beyer

8. Invoking Relations in Old Assyrian and Old Babylonian Letters
Matthias Adelhofer

9. The Seals OF the Šalim-Aššur Family (94/k)
Agnete W. Lassen

Of Humans and Animals

10. A First Attempt to Assess Activity Patterns at Kültepe: Studying Entheseal Changes in the Bronze Age Skeletal Sample
Donald Kale, Handan Üstündağ, Semih Özen, Doruk Cafer Özgü & Fikri Kulakoğlu

11. Reconstructing Bronze Age Diet from Stable Isotopes Analysis: Preliminary Results from Kültepe-Kaneš
Kameray Özdemir, Handan Üstündağ,Turhan Doğan, Furkan Kulak & Fikri Kulakoğlu

12. Of Lions and Sheep: Animal Exploitation at Kültepe and in Central Anatolia during the Middle Bronze Age. New Data from Recent Excavations
Fikri Kulakoğlu, Luca Peyronel & Claudia Minniti

Recent Discoveries at Kültepe and its Vicinity

13. Discovering the Late Chalcolithic Period at Kültepe: Excavation of the Central Trench (2021-2022)
Fikri Kulakoğlu, Ryoichi Kontani & Yuji Yamaguchi

14. Changes ın the Settlement Plan at the End of the Third Mıllennıum BC ın Kültepe-Kaneš: New Data on the Transıtıon from Publıc Buıldıngs to Prıvate Workshops
Yılmaz Rıdvanoğulları, Güzel Öztürk,Cihan Ay, Elif Genç & Fikri Kulakoğlu

15. The Settlement Sequence of Kültepe from the Late Early to the Middle Bronze Age. Stratigraphic and Ceramic Periodization from Recent Excavations in the Southern Sector of the Mound
Fikri Kulakoğlu, Luca Peyronel, Valentina Oselini & Agnese Vacca

16. Šamuha and Kaneš
Andreas Müller-Karpe

17. Two New Tablets from the House of Kuliya, Son of Ali-abum, and One Broken Envelope: 2022 Kültepe Texts (Kt 22/k 02-03, 05)
Adam Anderson

18. Recent Excavations on the Mound of Kültepe: A New Public Building from the End of the Karum Period at Kaneš-Neša
Fikri Kulakoğlu & Luca Peyronel

19. Studies on Kültepe Hellenistic Period: Preliminary Evaluations of the 2022 Excavations
 Burcu Tüysüz & Yılmaz Rıdvanoğulları


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