Workshop : Capacity studies in the Mediterranean Bronze Age 15th-16th june 2023

No Half Measures for Understanding Ancient Pots. Aims and Methods of Capacity Studies in the Mediterranean Bronze Age

Workshop : Capacity studies in the Mediterranean Bronze Age, 15th-16th june

Organisers : Cydrisse Cateloy, Maia Pomadère, Russell Webb
École Française d’Athènes & online

This workshop aims to put into perspective capacity studies of ceramic vessels, with a focus on the Middle and Late Bronze Age in the Aegean and East Mediterranean. Through the presentation of case studies examining different functional categories of pots, the workshop intends to showcase the wide range of insights that can be obtained through volumetric measurements. Capacity studies are essential for understanding ancient pots, revealing their modes of production and specific functions as well as shedding light on various aspects such as trade logistics, metrological systems, storage strategies or cooking/consumption practices. Additionally, the workshop will provide a review of the methodologies and tools used for capacity studies, encompassing both direct and indirect measurements, and will offer the opportunity to share these with a wider audience of archaeologists.

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