4th Kültepe International Meeting

August 1-4, 2019

Cultural Exchanges At Kültepe And Surroundings from 4th To The 1st Millennium BC

The data obtained during 70 years of archaeological excavations have been presented and discussed at various meetings and conferences. The major aim of the Kültepe International Meeting (KIM) series, which was held for the first time in summer 2013 and takes place every two years, is to generate synergizing interactions among researchers studying the site of Kültepe or the ancient city of Kaneš, and thus to bring together archaeologists and philologists in the scope of multidisciplinary studies, in order to present and discuss their work.

In line with the same objectives, the 4th Kültepe International Meeting (KIM) takes place on August 1-4, 2019 at Kültepe. It gathers the archaeologists and experts collaborating with Kültepe excavations and the philologists who are working on specific archives. This meeting is  organized in two sessions:

  1. Work in progress in history, philology, art history and all the sub-disciplines of archaeology and archaeometry.
  2. Cultural Exchanges at Kültepe and Surroundings from 4th to the 1st Millennium BC: Archaeological and philological data have shown that Kültepe was in close contacts with its neighbors since the earliest periods. The main objectives of this session is to highlight and discuss these interactions that concern not only Kültepe but also the entire area covered by the Assyrian trade network, using both archaeological and textual sources.

Résumé / Abstract

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