The Hands of the Scribes in Antiquity

The hands of the scribes in Antiquity: scribal practices and the social place of scribes from the Old Assyrian to the Hellenistic Period

Paris – 21-22 March 2022

Nanterre University

Amphithéâtre Max Weber (Max Weber building)

Description du workshop sur les scribes :

In the recent years, research has brought new insight into the work of scribes in different geographical areas and periods. A new discussion across periods and spaces seems a welcome opportunity to explore the similarities and dissimilarities in the social position and the professional habits of scribes of all periods of Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian history. Prosopography, palaeography, linguistics, anthropology, and social network analysis provide invaluable tools for the analysis of the activities of scribes and their socio-cultural context. They allow us to revisit the studies previously carried out about this socio-professional group. Based on the investigation of administrative, economic, and legal texts as well as letters, from the Old Assyrian to the Hellenistic period, this workshop aims to utilise the above-mentioned approaches to study the social position of scribes and their professional practices diachronically.

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